The predominant narrative in my current work posits societal conflict and violence as products of unchecked male virility and toxic predominantly male aggression. I chronicle this in satirical, surreal and grotesque modes in a number of mediums (drawings, paintings, and etchings) by synthesizing myriad pictorial and historical anachronisms. Working with the tension between myth and reality my work depicts a dynamic amalgam of cultural identity giving a historical context for the mass violence in contemporary American society and along its southern border. This narrative manifests in two distinct storylines. One is based on the visual canon of the Harrowing of Hell—Christ’s triumphant descent into hell before resurrection. The other contrasts the graphic system categorizing racial types of 17th and 18th Century Colonial Spanish Casta paintings with an original hybrid of American pop culture icons to depict fictional battles on the Mexican-American border and to satirize Anglo-Saxon ideas of racial purity.